Does Your Home Need Furnace Repair? 4 Signs It Does

Most American homes use furnaces to meet their heating needs. Your furnace plays an essential part in keeping your home warm and comfortable when it gets cold. 

However, since the furnace is in constant use, it can quickly become damaged and inefficient without you noticing it. Therefore, it's sometimes hard to know when to call an HVAC contractor for a furnace repair. Here are a few signs your furnace may need repair.

You Can Barely Start Your Furnace or Keep It Running 

After installing a new furnace, it's easy to turn it on and retain optimal functionality. However, as the furnace gets old, it gets more difficult to start or keep running.

How often do you have to start your furnace or restart it? If it's more than once, it's likely time for repair. The challenge to start your furnace mainly results from a damaged thermostat. By scheduling a furnace repair, a technician can replace the thermostat and resolve the issue.

Persistent Noises From the Furnace

Although there isn't an entirely silent furnace, it shouldn't produce any loud noises while in use. Loud and persistent noises reflect a severe problem with the unit. For example, whistling or squealing sounds can indicate issues with the belt or fan.

A groaning noise shows there are some loose internal furnace components. You can pay close attention to the noises and later describe the sound to a technician. Alternatively, you can record them and play them for your technician during the repair.

It Provides Inadequate Heat

Has your furnace been producing inadequate heat than before? the furnace is producing insufficient heat or no heat at all, schedule an urgent repair. The main reason why your furnace may fail to heat properly is a leaking duct. It can also stem from a faulty thermostat that isn't relaying proper heating instructions to the furnace.

Weird Furnace Smells

New furnaces tend to have a particular smell depending on the source of heat. However, over time, the furnace smell fades as you continue to use the unit. A strong odor coming from the furnace that doesn't fade on its own indicates your furnace has an underlying issue.

Numerous reasons may cause the smell, such as excessive dust and gas leaks. To be safe, schedule a furnace repair with an expert to address and resolve the odor problem.

Sometimes your furnace may have underlying issues that are hard to notice. Other than the four signs above, always schedule a furnace repair when you notice anything out of the ordinary. Contact a heating service to learn more.