Signs You Need A Water Filtration System

It is impossible to live in a house without water. You use water for everything from drinking to washing clothes. Many homeowners spend a significant amount of money on water bills. This is the reason you would be alarmed if your water tastes bad or your clothes are damaged by water. A plumber can help resolve problems with your water by installing a water filtration system.

The following are some of the signs that you need a water filtration system.

Water Tastes Bad

Several things affect the taste and smell of water. For example, if your water smells or tastes like rotten eggs, this means it contains hydrogen sulfide. This is caused by a kind of bacteria in water. If water has a musty or earthy odor and taste, it means there is some decaying matter in your drainage system. Metallic tastes and smells are a sign of lead, arsenic, mercury, or other metals in the water.

One of the reasons for investing in a water filtration system is lousy tasting water. Every homeowner wants the convenience of drinking water from the tap and not having to drink from water bottles. Therefore, call a plumber the moment you notice your water tasting bad and have them install a filtration system.

Harmful Contaminants

Municipal water treatment plants ensure that household water is up to specific standards. However, many homeowners are not satisfied with these standards. In some cases, households complain about metals, chlorides, and impurities in the water. These contaminants may get into the water supply through the pipes that deliver water to your home.

Additionally, some homeowners complain about the additives used in the municipal water supply. Studies have associated municipal water supplies with high levels of chloride and fluorides. If your water has contaminants, you should invest in a filtration system.

Clothes Are Faded

Another concern with water quality is hard water. This is a sign that the water has too many minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals will not harm you when you drink the water; however, they can ruin your fabrics. 

If you notice that your clothes are gray or faded after being washed, then you have hard water. However, it could be because of your washing machine or the detergent you use for cleaning. To eliminate doubt, you should invite a plumber to inspect your water and determine whether you need a water filtration system.

For more information, contact a plumber and ask about their plumbing services.