Suffering From Stale Air Or High Humidity In Your Building? Install An Energy Recovery Ventilator To Improve Indoor Air Quality

If your commercial building suffers from excess humidity, poor air quality or stale air, it's likely that you're experiencing poor air ventilation. Poor ventilation is a common side effect of modern energy-efficient building design. Your air conditioner blows outside air into your building, but the sealed building envelope doesn't allow for much air to escape. This causes poor air circulation between outside air and inside air, leading to excess humidity and causing contaminants such as particulates or chemicals in the air to accumulate in the inside air. [Read More]

How To Maintian Your Furnace Filter System

Upgrading your HVAC system can ultimately have a major impact on how much it costs to heat and cool your home. There are some basic repairs and upgrades that will make your system more efficient during both the winter and summer months. That is, you can reduce your utility bills throughout the year if you make smart, simple repairs. Replacing your air filter is easy work, but many people do it incorrectly. [Read More]

Should You Shut Off Your Furnace's Pilot Light During The Off-Season?

With the advent of the electronic igniter, the old-fashioned pilot light has fallen by the wayside as a feature on modern furnaces. If your furnace still relies on this tried-and-true method of ignition, you may be wondering if you should extinguish your pilot light during the warm weather months or let it burn all year long. The following offers a few detailed benefits and caveats of each choice. Your Pilot Light Could Cost You Extra Money [Read More]

Tips To Help You Avoid Plumbing Problems

Caring for your plumbing system can be important for reducing the risk of complications or other problems arising that could severely disrupt life in your home. Yet, it is a common situation for a homeowner to find themselves ill-prepared to address or otherwise prevent these issues from striking their plumbing. Flush Your Drains On A Regular Schedule The drains of your home can be subjected to some of the more intense forms of wear that may make them likely to suffer clogs. [Read More]