Tips For Saving Money On Furnace Repairs

Having a broken furnace in your home is an inconvenience and can be costly. Not only must you make other arrangements to heat your home, which can cost extra money, but you must also schedule a repair, which adds another unexpected expense. Luckily, there are ways you can save money on furnace repairs. However, they may not all be applicable to your situation. If you are having trouble with your furnace, here are a few things to consider that will save you money on the repair. [Read More]

Is It Worth It To Invest In A Ductless Heating System?

Today, most homeowners choose to install new ductless heating systems in their homes. If you are considering installing a ductless heating system, you must be wondering if they are worth the hype. A ductless heating system is a cost-effective solution to lower your energy costs while maintaining optimal temperature in your home. They also offer flexibility on temperature control and save on space. Here are more reasons why ductless heating systems are worthwhile investments. [Read More]

Why Won't My Furnace Start?

If your furnace won't start, it may be due to several problems. Some are serious, while others aren't, but it's always a good idea to call a heating contractor for a furnace repair just in case. Furnace Door Safety Switch Your furnace door has a safety switch that keeps it from turning on when the door is open. If someone recently opened it to change filters or perform maintenance, it may not have been closed properly. [Read More]

3 Important Cleaning Steps Involved With Heating System Maintenance

No matter what kind of heating system your home has, it needs regular maintenance to keep working. You might have an electric furnace, gas furnace, or heat pump, but they all need annual maintenance from a professional as well as ongoing maintenance from you. While it is essential for a professional to perform preventative maintenance by servicing the parts, it is equally important for the professional to clean your furnace, and for you to keep it clean throughout the season. [Read More]