Clarifications You Need Before AC Installation

If you plan to replace or install an air conditioner (AC), ensure you understand everything before the contractor arrives and begins the process. Use the tips listed to prepare for the contractor's arrival and workday. Below are some of the clarifications you need to prepare for the project.

Whether the Contractor Requires Your Presence

In most cases, the contractor requires the homeowner's presence at the installation's beginning and end. At the start of the process, you may need to provide the contractor access to all relevant home parts and confirm the contractor is about to install the right system.

At the end of the installation, you need to confirm that the system runs efficiently after the contractor commissions it. You may also need to sign a few documents. However, you usually don't have to hang around throughout the process, but you should be reachable. Your contractor will specify how much they need you on the installation day.

The Expected Installation Duration

AC installation can be loud and disruptive to your normal lifestyle. You will be without cooling for some time during the installation. Ask your contractor how long they expect to install the system.

The installation duration depends on home configuration, AC type, and additional services, such as duct modification. According to some sources, the job can take six to ten hours if it doesn't involve ductwork installation; otherwise, it can go for a few days.

Whether the Contractor Plans to Use Subcontractors

You should know whether the AC company will handle the project with in-house technicians or subcontract the work to others. Many people prefer to deal with in-house contractors of companies they have vetted. If the company involves subcontractors, seek clarification on the subcontracted technician's qualifications and competency.

The Contractor's Payment Schedule

You should agree on how to pay for the job to have the funds ready. Just as you expect the contractor to install the exact system in the contract, they expect you to meet your payment obligations.

Many contractors require a deposit before the job begins and full payments at the project's conclusion. Know how much the deposit is, when it is expected, and acceptable payment forms. You should also be on the same page with the contractor on the full payment terms.

Hopefully, you will get an efficient system serving you for many years. Remember to ask the contractor for maintenance advice and service the system as advised to prolong its lifespan.

For more information, reach out to local AC services.