4 HVAC Services That Keep The Blower Working Properly And Efficiently

One of the important HVAC services you need is to maintain the blower. The blower sees a lot of wear and tear since it is used with both the furnace and air conditioner.

If the blower isn't working as it should, there won't be enough air coming out of the ducts to heat or cool your home. Here are four HVAC services the blower may need to keep it working optimally so your home is comfortable.

1. Clean The Blower Wheel

A blower fan is sometimes called a squirrel cage. It's not a fan with big blades. Instead, it looks like a hamster wheel with fins. Since the fins have a small space between them, dust can clog the area between the fins easily once it starts building up.

If there's not enough airflow around and through the blower, airflow out of the ducts decreases too. That's why the blower needs to be kept clean. The HVAC technician may take the blower apart and work on it outside of the air handler so it can be cleaned thoroughly.

When the fan is out of the way, the technician can vacuum the blower area to get rid of dust buildup that could get back in the fan later.

2. Replace The Capacitor

The blower fan motor has a capacitor that helps the motor get started. If the capacitor is bad, the motor can't work as well, and the motor may even burn out.

If the capacitor malfunctions or dies, it has to be replaced since it can't be repaired. Replacing a capacitor is an easy HVAC service and it keeps the blower fan working properly.

3. Service The Motor

The blower motor needs to be cleaned if the housing is covered with dust. It may also need to be lubricated. If your HVAC has a belt-drive motor, the belt should be checked so it can be changed if it shows signs of wear.

If the blower is malfunctioning and the motor is to blame, the technician might need to replace the motor to keep air circulating through your house.

4. Check For Airflow Restrictions

Airflow restriction affects how well the blower circulates air. The HVAC service may change a dusty filter, open up registers, and remove obstructions so air flows freely around and through the air handler.

Some of these HVAC services are performed as part of annual spring or fall maintenance. Others may be needed when the capacitor or fan fails. The blower is an important part, so keeping it in good repair is a high priority for your equipment to function efficiently and to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.