3 Easy And Fairly Affordable AC Repairs Your Air Conditioner Might Need

Your air conditioner can break down whether it's new or old. However, once your AC gets near the end of its expected lifespan, repairs become more common. It's frustrating to deal with a breakdown when it's hot and miserable outside. Fortunately, AC repairs don't always cost a lot.

Some repairs are expensive and cause you to evaluate whether you should just buy a new AC rather than make repairs, but many other repairs are less expensive and worth the investment to keep your air conditioner running. Here are some common AC repairs you might need that don't cost a whole lot.

1. Replace A Bad Capacitor

It's pretty common for one of the capacitors in your air conditioner to go bad. These parts are not too expensive, although the price varies according to the type of capacitor you need. Also, remember to factor in the cost of labor when you need AC repairs. The capacitors in your AC are easy to reach and easy to replace, so even labor costs may be low when a capacitor goes bad.

However, if a capacitor is bad, it should be replaced right away. A capacitor helps a motor start, and without the extra boost of power a capacitor provides, the motor may strain and burn out. That adds to the cost of repairs significantly. If you want to keep repair costs as low as possible, don't put off having the work done.

2. Put In A New Fuse

The AC fuse is another part that's pretty easy to replace, and it usually is one of the less expensive parts in your air conditioner. However, the cost and replacement method depend on where the fuse is located and the type of equipment you have, so the cost varies. The fuse is often located outdoors between the electrical panel and the condenser in the disconnect box.

When your AC repair technician works on the condenser, they can open the disconnect box and pull out the fuses to cut power to the equipment. So, if a fuse goes bad, it's the same as pulling out the fuse and your condenser won't have any power to operate.

Putting in a new fuse involves finding an exact match to the old fuse and placing it in the disconnect box. However, the AC technician might have to spend time troubleshooting the problem first, and that could add to the labor costs.

3. Replace A Clogged Filter

One of the first things to do when your AC acts up is to check the filter. A clogged filter can cause problems with your air conditioner since it restricts airflow. The reduced airflow could even cause damage to parts that will drive up your repair costs. If you forget about the filter and you call an AC repair service for help, they'll need to troubleshoot the equipment to locate the problem.

Once the clogged filter is found, they can replace it with a new one with a simple fix. However, if you keep your filter clean, you can avoid a breakdown due to restricted airflow and prevent the need to pay for a professional to replace your filter.