Tips For Saving Money On Furnace Repairs

Having a broken furnace in your home is an inconvenience and can be costly. Not only must you make other arrangements to heat your home, which can cost extra money, but you must also schedule a repair, which adds another unexpected expense. Luckily, there are ways you can save money on furnace repairs. However, they may not all be applicable to your situation. If you are having trouble with your furnace, here are a few things to consider that will save you money on the repair.

Maintenance Agreement

A maintenance agreement is a contract with a local HVAC repair company to perform regular maintenance and take care of any problems. You will pay a monthly amount for this service and then get a discounted rate on any parts and labor for repairs outside the agreement's parameters. If you do not currently have an agreement, talk with the company's service representative about starting one. It will definitely save you money.

Put It Off

If you have found a way to keep your home warm, or if the season is about to change and you don't need your heating system except at night when you can add more blankets, then consider putting off any repairs for a bit. Most service companies will offer lower repair prices once the weather changes and you don't need heat anymore. Wait until everyone has had their cooling units serviced and repaired for the upcoming hot months and then set up an appointment. The service technicians won't have as much work so their companies offer discounts on maintenance and repairs to keep the income flowing. 

Consider Replacement

While buying a new furnace and having it installed is more expensive than repairing a current unit, you can often set up payments for a new unit that will cost you less out-of-pocket. In addition, if your current unit is older, the odds are it will keep needing costly repairs. While you might be able to squeak by this month, what is going to happen when it has problems again next month? As an added bonus, a new unit will be more efficient than an older one. You will save money on your heating bills to help pay for the new system.

As with any appliance, proper maintenance is the key to keeping your repair bills down. Have the furnace serviced regularly and follow any instructions the technician gives you for regular maintenance. This will save you from having costly repairs 

Contact an HVAC technician for more information on furnace repairs.