3 Reasons To To Consider Reviving An Unused Fireplace In Your Older Home


Before the advent of modern central heating, fireplaces were once a standard design feature that was included in almost every home. When these older homes were modernized with electric or gas furnaces or other types of dependable heat sources, many of these fireplaces were no longer used. Some went on to become purely decorative or began to be used only for special occasions, while others were sealed off and hidden behind drywall. Homeowners who own an older home with an unused fireplace may want to consider bringing it back into service for these three reasons. 

Supplying emergency heat

One of the most important reasons to reopen an unused fireplace and take steps to make it usable again is to provide supplemental heat for the home during an emergency, such as a power outage. Since many areas will no longer allow the use of a wood-burning fireplace and many homeowners prefer a less messy alternative to wood heat, a cost-efficient option is to have a fireplace installation service measure the opening and install gas log heating systems. Selecting a gas log fireplace with a battery-operated ignition system will enable the homeowner to have a reliable heat source that does not require electricity to function. 

Reducing heating bills 

If your home is located in an area where utility costs are rising sharply, bringing an unused fireplace back into service can be an excellent way to reduce the workload on your current heating system while also stabilizing or reducing heating costs. Homeowners who are considering this should have their fireplace and flue inspected and repaired or renovated to ensure that it will be safe to use. In addition, it is important to check with local zoning authorities and your home insurance provider to make sure you are allowed to use the fireplace as a heat source. Homeowners may also want to install a wood-burning insert with blowers to help the fireplace provide more efficient heat. 

Adding market appeal when selling

Another reason to renovate an unused fireplace is to add market appeal when selling. Even though fireplaces are seldom used as the main heat source now, many buyers enjoy the thought of being able to relax in front of a working fireplace and may look for one when selecting their next home.

Want to learn more about renovating an unused fireplace or are you disappointed because your home does not have a fireplace at all? Seek out the assistance of a reputable fireplace installation service that can help with both reviving an existing fireplace and the addition of a new one to your home.