2 Troubleshooting Actions To Take For Your Furnace

When your furnace stops working, you want to make sure that you can get it back to running as soon as possible so that you can stay as warm as you can. Generally, you are going to call an HVAC service to come out to your house to do some repair work, but you can do some troubleshooting before you call the company or while you are waiting for the service tech to show up. If you do some troubleshooting, you can help limit what the problems are, which can be helpful when the tech comes to your house to work on your furnace. 

Check the Batteries

If you have a digital thermostat, one of the problems you might have is that the thermostat needs to have new batteries. If the batteries are dead, then the thermostat won't read correctly. If it isn't reading correctly, then it's not going to trigger the furnace to turn on. If you do have a digital thermostat, open it up, see what kind of batteries it needs, and change them out. Once you do that, make sure it's set to heat, and turn it up. If everything else is working correctly, then having the temperature set all the way up should trigger the furnace to turn on. 

Check the Breakers

Another thing that you can do is to check your circuit breakers. You want to see if the breaker for the furnace is on. If, for some reason, the circuit breaker has flipped off, then there isn't going to be any power going to your furnace. No power means that it's not going to turn on and give you any heat. So, check the breakers. If the breaker is off, turn it back on, and wait to see if your furnace comes right back on. If it does not, then you have other issues. If your circuit breaker immediately shuts back off, then there is a problem somewhere in your furnace that is causing a short circuit. Just leave the breaker off, because if you keep trying to turn it back on, then you are risking causing some serious damage to your electrical system and your furnace. 

If your furnace has stopped working, you can do some troubleshooting while you are waiting for the service tech to come out and fix it for you. You may not find out what the problem is, but you can narrow it down to what it isn't. Contact local furnace repair services for more information.