3 Tips To Taking Care Of An A/C Unit

An air conditioning unit is the quickest way to cool down indoor temperatures when the weather gets hot. There are two main types of A/C units that you can get: window units and central air units. The type that you choose will be based on budget, house size, and personal preference. However, no matter what type of A/C unit you have, one thing remains the same: you need to take care of the unit if you want it to function properly and reach its estimated life expectancy. This guide goes over some maintenance tips for all air conditioning units.

Clean Filters

Every A/C has a filter inside of it. The size and location will vary based on the model. Use your owner's manual to locate the filter. Every few months the filter should be cleaned or changed. If you have a reusable filter, you can clean it with a damp rag. Remove all the dust from both sides of the filter. Once it is cleaned, check it thoroughly for rips. If it has no rips, put the filter back in the unit. Other brands will require a new filter. Check the serial number on the old filter so that you make sure you buy the correct one. You can get A/C filters at any home improvement store.

Clean Coils

The coils on the air conditioner need to be cleaned, too. The coils are located on the outside of central air units. Coils should have no obstruction in front of them since this can affect how the appliance runs. Clean the coils with a garden hose and a brush. Never use a power washer for this cleaning since it can damage the coils and the air conditioner itself.

Temperature Setting

Any time that you go on a vacation or will be gone for long periods of time, you should adjust the thermostat to a higher than normal setting. The appliance won't kick in as much, if at all. This will use less energy during your time away but will still keep the home at a comfortable temperature when you come home. Newer models will even allow you to preprogram the thermostat to automatically lower or raise the temperature at certain times of the day.


It is very important to take care of your appliances. Doing so will lengthen its life expectancy. You should also hire a professional to do service checks at least once a year on the A/C unit, ductwork, and other parts of the air conditioning system. Contact air conditioning services near you in order to learn more.