Questions That Need Answers: When Your AC Needs Repairing

If your AC needs repairs and you have been putting them off, or you are considering doing so, then you should learn some of the many reasons this is bad, not only for your comfort, but also for your safety in many instances. Here are some questions that may be asked around your house that need to be answered, even if by a professional repair tech.

Can't you feel that?

If you can't seem to feel cool air, but you keep turning the thermostat on, hoping it will magically work or simply using it as a fan, this can really cause serious damages or even complete motor failure. There can be different types of things going on that you will need repaired:

  • Something blocking the air movement
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • A leak in the system

There are a couple things you can check yourself, and if they are the issue, you can even tend to them on your own.

  • The breaker may need resetting
  • The filter may need replacing
  • The registers may need opening

Can't you hear that?

When a once quiet cooling system suddenly starts to become noisier, there is something causing those noises.

  • Squeaks can be parts about ready to break
  • Rattling can mean a broken part moving around in the motor area
  • Banging can mean a damaged piece hitting against something
  • Swishing can mean a leak
  • Tapping that moves can be a critter running about above you in the ducts

Can't you smell that?

If you have a smell blowing out, get someone out quickly; let the person on the phone know the situation is serious, so they can expedite getting someone out to you. A smell is not a good thing.

  • A burning plastic or smoke smell can indicate serious electrical issues
  • A rotten smell can indicate an animal decaying in the system
  • A musty or dusty smell can mean mildew or mold

Can't you figure that out?

Any other issue you can't diagnose with the types of checking you are able to do yourself are not to be ignored, even if they seem like minor inconveniences. Those little inconveniences can find you putting ice in front of a stand-up fan on the hottest day of the season because you ignored them to the point of them finally giving way to enormous problems.

Putting off making that call can be a problem during a heat wave when many others also find they need help with their air conditioners at the same time. Reach out to a company like Go West A/C & Heating to learn more.