Tips For Getting A New Air Conditioner Installed

If your air conditioner is old and has been repaired a few times, it's probably time to think about getting it replaced. Replacing an AC is a big investment, so you want to make sure you make a good choice when it comes to the size and efficiency of the unit. Here are a few other tips that might help.

Plan The Replacement

If you push your AC until it finally breaks down in the middle of summer, you're forced to make a quick decision about whether to repair or replace it. If replacement is the answer, you may not have time to carefully consider the equipment you want. If you know your air conditioner is old and likely to give out soon, it's best to plan for the replacement. This is easier on your budget than a surprise bill and it gives you plenty of time to understand the choices available in new air conditioning units.

Consider Upgrading The Thermostat

When you get a replacement AC, it's a good time to upgrade your thermostat. At the very least, the thermostat should be programmable so you can save on energy costs when you're not in the house. You might want to improve your control over your AC even more by having a smart thermostat installed. Whether you have other smart home features installed or not, a smart thermostat gives you the best control over the operation of your AC even when you're away from the house. This helps you save money while you're away, and it will help you stay more comfortable when you're at home.

Think About A Zoned System

For even more control over the climate in your home, you can consider a zoned air conditioning system. These utilize multiple temperature sensors and dampers in the ducts that allow you to keep certain rooms such as your bedroom nice and cool while the other rooms are set to a higher temperature to save on energy costs. You can divide your home into different zones and control the temperature in them remotely with a smart thermostat. This saves you from wasting money cooling spare bedrooms that are not in use.

Decide If You Want To Move The Condenser

If the noise of the condenser turning on and off all night bothers you, you'll have the chance to change its location when you have your AC replaced. Changing the location of the condenser could result in higher installation costs, but it may be worth it to have it positioned on the opposite side of the house where it won't bother you at night or while you watch TV. Just keep in mind, it's not a good idea to place it where it will be in full sunlight all day, so if there is no natural shade where you want to put the condenser, you may want to put up a screen or plant a bush that is far enough away to allow air circulation but close enough to cast shade on the condenser.

You'll have many things to discuss with HVAC contractors when you get a replacement air conditioner. Choosing the right size is one of the most important things the installer can do, and you should let the installer calculate the proper size for your home so your house stays cool and the unit works efficiently.