How To Maintian Your Furnace Filter System

Upgrading your HVAC system can ultimately have a major impact on how much it costs to heat and cool your home. There are some basic repairs and upgrades that will make your system more efficient during both the winter and summer months. That is, you can reduce your utility bills throughout the year if you make smart, simple repairs. Replacing your air filter is easy work, but many people do it incorrectly. This article explains not only how to replace your air filter, but also how to clean your empty filter compartment.

Removing Your Filters

Air filter replacement is usually a job that only takes a few minutes. That is, the filter can be pulled out of this compartment without any tools or preparation. You don't have to turn off your furnace, and it is best if it is it actually turned on while you are doing the work. Otherwise, you will have air that has not been filtered.

Most air filters are located in a slot on the outside of the furnace cabinet, or along the bottom edge on the inside of the main cabinet opening. You can pull it out without any tools, and then put the new one in its place.

Cleaning the Filter Compartment

However, the project will end up being more effective if you actually clean out the empty filter compartment before you put the new filter in. The filter compartment can have a lot of dust buildup, even if your filter is replaced on a regular basis. Any dust that isn't absorbed by the filter can't settle on the compartment walls. So, this means that when you put the new filter in place, this new dust can instantly make it dirty. In the long run, it can decrease the lifespan of your filter. Most filter compartments are quite narrow, so you need to use the wand attachment to a hose vacuum to clean them out.

Once you figure out how to easily replace your filter and clean the compartment, you will see that the work only takes a matter of minutes; you just need to remember to actually do the work. Set reminders on your smart phone calendar so you are more likely to do it on time. Also, it is helpful if you buy filters in bulk so you always have them on hand to immediately make the replacement. As you can see, the work is very simple, but many people simply forget to do it on time.

Contact an HVAC contractor for help with any major furnace repair project.