Sure Signs Your Commercial Walk-In Freezer Requires Repair

If you recently purchased a restaurant and its existing equipment, then it's important you watch for signs the commercial walk-in freezer is in need of repair. Repairing a walk-in freezer when it first starts to have issues will extend the length of its life and save your restaurant the high costs associated with replacing it.

As you use your new commercial freezer, keep an eye out for these sure signs of a mechanical problem:

You Smell a Foul Odor But Can't Located Its Cause

As your walk-in freezer ages, it can develop problems with its refrigerant system. The aging metal tubing that contains its cooling chemicals will develop small leaks. When the cooling chemicals start to leak, you will be able to smell them near the unit. Refrigerant often has a foul odor and this is a sure sign the freezer needs professional repair. So, if you have cleaned out your freezer and still smell occasional foul odors you can't locate, then it is time to make a call for service.

You Find Ice in the Freezer

Your walk-in freezer should not have any ice forming inside of it. If you see ice, then the freezer is not functioning properly. Additionally, if the ice thaws, drips on the floor, and then it refreezes, then the freezer is having trouble maintaining a consistent temperature. This problem signals a mechanical problem with the freezer's components and requires immediate service. A freezer that is icing up or unable to keep a constant temperature is bad for your restaurant's power bill and will damage the food you store in it. Since damaged frozen food is a health hazard, this type of problem needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

You Feel Cold Air Coming Out Around the Door

If you feel cold air leaking from the freezer's door, then its rubber seal has failed. A failed seal will make the freezer run too much and run up your electric bill. Additionally, cold air leaking out will cause foods near the door to form frost from the combination of freezing cold air inside of the freezer and the warmer air outside.

Water Under or Around the Freezer

Finally, if you find water on the floor around or under your commercial walk-in freezer, then this is a sign that the refrigeration lines are clogged and not able to discharge waste water. Rather than mopping up the mess every day, call your local commercial equipment repair company to come out and rectify the problem.