Tips For Staying Cool This Summer Without Breaking The Bank With Your Power Bill

If you dread the summer season because it always results in large power bills from running your home's central air conditioner, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many different ways you can lower your electrical usage and still stay comfortable even on the hottest days of the year. While you cannot go without air conditioning all summer, by making simple changes to the way you cool your home, you can see your power bills significantly drop. To this end, follow these tips for cooling your home this summer:

Tip: Manage the Heat that Enters Your Home via Windows and Doors

Since your home's windows and doors are the places where the outside heat enters your home, make sure that you always keep them securely closed during the hot weather. Try to avoid going in and out of your home many times a day as this lets heat into your living space. Additionally, you should install blackout curtains on all windows to prevent the sunshine from coming through your windows and heating up the air inside your home.

Tip: Use Ceiling Fans to Help Circulate the Cold Air from Your HVAC System

If notice that your home feels cool while the air conditioner is running and then feels hotter when it stops, this is due to the lack of circulation of air. You can run a ceiling fan or a portable fan in order to move the air around and make your home feel a lot cooler when the HVAC system isn't running. The excess air movement will allow you to turn down your thermostat and save on your power bills.

Tip: Avoid Cooking or Drying Clothes During the Hottest Times of the Day

Since cooking on your stove and drying clothes in your dryer both will introduce excess heat into your living space, you should avoid using these appliances during the hottest times of the day. When you have a choice, choose to cook and dry clothing in the evening or later at night when the outdoor air is cooler.

Tip: Change Your HVAC System's Filter

Finally, if you haven't changed the HVAC system's filter after running your HVAC system all winter, then you need to do so. As the filter gets clogged with hair and dirt, it will prevent your HVAC system from pulling in enough air to run efficiently. This lack of efficiency will lead to higher air conditioning costs for you. To save the most money this summer, make sure you frequently change this very important filter.

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