4 Practical Options For Oil-Based Heating In A Home

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable heating solution for your home? An oil heating system may be exactly what you are looking for, but with the many options available, it can feel a bit overwhelming to pick one. Here is what you need to know about the basics of four different oil-powered heating systems. 

Traditional Oil Furnace

An oil-fired forced air system is also known as a traditional oil furnace, and it is what you'll commonly see in residential homes. They use a burner to ignite the heating oil, which then heats air within a heat exchanger. All that warm air is then pushed through the ductwork so that it reaches the various vents in your home to heat it. This type of furnace can provide consistent heat in a reliable and efficient way, which definitely makes it one to consider. 

Oil Boiler

An oil boiler will heat water with heating oil, which is then pushed through pipes to reach baseboard heaters and radiators. The heating method works so well because water does a great job of retaining heat, which is then released into the rooms of your home to provide warmth. It's a great way to heat a very large home, and individual heating elements in each room can be turned on or off for temperature control. It's also possible to retrofit into a home with professional help

Oil-Fired Hydronic System

The benefit of an oil-fired hydronic system is that it uses a combination of an oil boiler and a traditional oil furnace. It essentially combines hot water and forced air to heat an entire home, as if you had both of the previously mentioned systems working together. It still uses baseboard heaters or radiators, as well as ductwork to distribute hot air. It can be great at heating different parts of the home in different ways to ensure maximum comfort. 

Oil-Fired Space Heater

Don't want to make modifications to your home to install plumbing or ductwork? An oil-fired space heater is an alternative option to provide localized heat in a single part of your home. A space heater will burn oil and generate heat, which is then released into the room so it feels comfortable. It can be a very convenient option for small spaces that need to be heated, which makes it cost-effective as well since you are not heating an entire home. 

Once you pick a heating method, reach out to an oil heating business to help deliver the oil you need to your home. 

For more info, contact a local oil heating business