The Problem With Frozen Evaporator Coils In Your AC System

If you experience problems with your central air conditioning system, you might want to look at it to see if you can see any issues. When you inspect your system, you might notice ice on the evaporator coils. What does this mean, and why does this happen? Here is a brief guide to help you explain several vital things about frozen evaporator coils.

The function of the evaporator coils

First, you should understand the role the evaporator coil plays in a central AC's functions. An AC system contains two main parts, one of which is inside your home. You will find the evaporator coil in the indoor part of your system. This vital part cools the refrigerant, which is the material that extracts the heat from the air. This happens when the blower motor fan's assistance. The fan blows air over it, and this cools the refrigerant. As you can see, all the parts of an AC system work together, but you could experience ice on the coils. So, how does this happen?

Causes of ice on the coils

The evaporator coil cools the refrigerant, so this part of your device is always cold. However, it relies on air blowing over it to keep it from freezing. If the coil doesn't get enough airflow, it can freeze, which causes ice to develop on the coil. Additionally, it can develop ice if the refrigerant level is low. This problem can also happen if the coils contain too much dirt.

If your system has ice on the coils, you'll likely need to hire an HVAC company to fix the problem. When the technician arrives, their goal is to determine the problem and why it's happening. From there, they will evaluate the best way to fix it.

Ways to fix the issue

First, they might fix it by adding additional refrigerant to the system. If the system has a low level, this might solve the problem. Secondly, they might replace the air filter, as a dirty air filter restricts air. Replacing it might increase the airflow enough to thaw the coils. Finally, they might have to clean the coils to remove the dirt buildup. The HVAC company can also provide tips to help you avoid this problem in the future.

Hire an HVAC company

If you're experiencing issues with your central AC system, you can attempt to fix them yourself if you know how. However, the better option is to hire a company to fix it for you.

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