Is Your Boiler Giving You Trouble? Beware Of These Possible Faults

Boilers are popular in homes that have no central ventilation system. Unlike furnaces and heat pump systems, boilers use hot water to warm a home. They provide clean heating and have an impressive lifespan. However, this doesn't make them foolproof. Boilers can sometimes misbehave. Lack of adequate heat, failure to heat the home, cold spots, and leaks are some problems you may encounter. Below are the potential causes to watch out for.

Clogged Pipes

Are some rooms not heating when the broiler is on? This problem could signal a blockage in the boiler pipes. Boilers have a series of pipes that work to heat the air in the house. The pipes run through all the rooms that require heating. If clogs occur, they can restrict hot water from accessing the radiators.

Pipe clogs result from corrosion or accumulation of mineral deposits. To get rid of mineral deposits, clean the pipes regularly. Another option would be to use a water filtration system to keep minerals and sediments out of your boiler. If the system has corroded pipes, you need to replace them.

Radiator Faults

Radiators work together with the boiler to provide even heating. Once water is heated in the boiler, it travels to the radiator and releases the heat to the radiator material. The radiator material transfers the heat to the air and warms up the room. Therefore, if the radiator is faulty, it cannot supply enough heated air to the home.

Some causes of radiator faults include blocked valves or a build-up of air inside the radiator. If only one radiator is faulty, it means the problem is localized. However, if all the radiators in the home aren't working, this could point to a boiler problem.

Faulty Thermostat 

Thermostat issues are common in most types of heating systems. The device signals the broiler and regulates the temperatures in the home. Thus, when it's faulty, it cannot signal the boiler to turn on or adjust the temperatures. Sometimes, a faulty thermostat can cause the boiler to shut down. If you have a zoned heating system, check to see whether the problem lies with an individual thermostat or the entire heating system.

Inefficient Boiler

Sometimes, the problem with your boiler could be because of inefficiencies. These result from an old system that's no longer able to heat the home efficiently. Frequent uneven heating, cold spots, tripping circuits, and system shutdown could all be due to an old boiler. If your system is over two decades old, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Luckily, if your piping system is in excellent condition, you only need to invest in a new boiler.

You don't have to put up with bad boiler behavior. If your system is misbehaving, contact a heating service contractor for proper diagnosis and repairs.