Five Tips For A Warmer Christmas Day

Generally, the Christmas season brings on colder weather. While it's quite cozy, you want to ensure that your home stays warm enough to keep everyone at the perfect comfort level this Christmas. Here are five tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. ​Check the Windows and Doors: Be sure to replace worn out weather strips underneath the doors to your home, as well as the garage door to ensure that heat stays better trapped. You also want to check around the windows to be sure that there are no air leaks. If so, then have them sealed with caulk. 
  2. ​Keep the Fireplace Flue Shut: When you are not using your fireplace, it can be difficult to remember to shut the flue back up since you are likely using your fireplace a lot at this time. However, if you leave the flue open during the day when you don't have a fire going, it's going to let in a lot of cold air from outside. 
  3. Change Air Filters: Be sure that you are changing the air filters every month during the winter when your heater is in use. This way, the dirt and dust isn't blocking the warm air from circulating. Besides, doing this also prevents illness, which is especially important during this time of year not only because you want to spend Christmas with friends and family, but also because it's flu season. Chances of catching something are much higher and will only be made worse by dirt and dust circulating in the air in your home. 
  4. Use Drapery: What many people don't realize is that drapery should still be used in the winter. You are able to block out the cold that is pressed up against the windows if you are using thick drapery. You can even use Christmas-colored drapery to dress it up for the holidays, but it's really helpful at keeping the cold out and heat in. 
  5. Use Rugs: Rugs are a great way to warm up your place not only in appearance, but also physically. Rugs work to warm up the house because it acts like an insulator against the cold flooring. It's more comfortable this way anyway, especially on Christmas morning. 

With these five tips, not only do you have a warmer winter overall, but also a warmer Christmas Day when it matters most. You will also save money on your energy bills each month because the goal ultimately is to not have to have the heater on as much during the day. Contact companies like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air to learn more.