4 Steps To Winterizing Your Air Conditioner And Maintaining It Through The Winter

During the winter months, your AC can be vulnerable to damage due to weather and poor maintenance.Therefore, you want to winterize your AC before the winter months to ensure you do not have problems when you get ready to use it again in spring. Here are some of the steps do you need to take to winterize your AC and maintain it throughout winter:

1. Turning Off the AC and Preparing to Clean the Unit

The first step in winterizing your AC unit is to turn it off. If the main connection for your AC unit is inside your home commitment it is going to be a breaker in the breaker box. Usually, AC units have their own electrical shut off outside close to the unit. make sure you turn off the electrical service to your unit before doing any further maintenance and winterization to it.

2. Removing Grates and Cleaning Debris from The Unit

Your exterior AC unit has grates to protect it from damage that can be caused by large debris. Even with grates protecting components, debris can still get inside and cause wear and damage. Remove the grates and clean debris like leaves and dirt that have built up inside the unit. Once you have cleaned the unit, replace the grates and give it plenty of time to dry.

3. Covering the AC Unit and Allowing Ventilation to Prevent Mildew

One of the most important tasks that need to be done is covering the unit to protect it over the winter months. There are many different types of covers that you can choose. Some of these AC covers are designed to allow for ventilation and others cover the entire unit. Always make sure there is good ventilation when you cover an AC unit to prevent problems with mildew and excessive wear of your AC.

4. Routine Maintenance to Protect Your AC from Damage During Winter

Winter can also be a time when your AC is vulnerable to damage, and you want to make sure that you protected throughout the winter months period it is a good idea to make sure that your AC unit stays clean and that excessive amount of snowfall do not build up on the cover. you also want to occasionally check inside the unit and make sure that there is no debris or moisture trapped inside come up which can lead it to mildew and other problems with your unit.

These are the steps that you need to take window winterizing your AC 4 the winter months. If you need help with the maintenance and servicing of your AC before winter arrives, contact an air conditioning repair service for help with these tasks.